🏆 Australia’s Gambling Market is one of the most exciting in the World

Australia’s casino market is one the most fascinating in the entire world. It all comes down to the locals. They are so addicted to gambling that even Australia’s ban on online gambling can still allow them to gamble up to 25 million dollars each year. It is quite encouraging to see the state government begin to think about legalization and gradually allow online casinos and bookmakers.

🎰 Gambling regulation Australia

Gambling arrived in Australia with the colonizers. The first betting on horse races was registered in 1880. Australia regulates gambling offline at the local level. Local authorities and state and territory governments can create regulatory bodies and issue gambling control laws. In each region, up to 14 detailed documents are available as of 2021. The tax rate as well as its size depend on the region. There is taxes on net income and losses of players. Also, taxes are levied on profits from turnover. The 10% taxes that bring in bookmakers and offline casinos may be part of the regional budget. There are many land-based legal casinos in Australia. They have a lot of popularity and are good for making money. What about online gambling? Microgaming was the first to launch an online casino in Australia. It opened its doors in 1990. It wasn’t until 2001, however, that a regulation document was created for the industry: the Interactive Gambling Act. It includes an outright ban of online gambling that is targeted at Australian residents. Companies with a state-based office can still offer their services and products to players from other nations. Australians can also play online casinos without any penalty.

2017 saw the adoption of additional amendments to amend the main law. They introduced rules to prevent illegal casino and bookmakers in Australia. All operators operating in Australia were required to obtain licenses under the same law. The authority to issue online permits was also transferred to local authorities. The Australian Communications and Media Authority is responsible for overseeing the operation of off-shore casino sites. After receiving complaints and conducting an inquiry, this body issues a blocking request which is sent to providers. The Authority doesn’t initiate any blocking but acts only on citizen appeals. This is why the process of blocking access to betting and casino sites in Australia is very slow. The ACMA first requested that a site be blocked in 2019. About 200 sites offering illegal gambling have been blocked since then. ACMA provides a list of Australian-based betting shops. There are many well-known brands, including RivalBets, Betfairs, PlayONs, UBET and RivalBet. AUSTRAC (Financial Crimes Enforcement Agency) stated at the 2020 end that casinos are responsible for monitoring any transactions for possible money laundering or theft. This means that it will not be possible in Australia in 2021:

  • Online casino services available to local residents
  • Provide services for sports betting that aren’t licensed in Australia
  • Advertise gambling on the Internet

  • Since August 2021, Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA), has intensified efforts to curb illegal online gambling. The goal is to stop sites redirecting traffic to online casinos. Fiona Cameron, ACMA Member, believes this action will be next in fighting large illegal operators as well as minimizing harm for Australian consumers.

    🔐 What is legal from gambling in Australia in 2021:

    ✚ Online bookmakers licensed in Australia
    ✚ Players can bet or gamble on any site they have access to
    ✚ Control of all payments remains with the gambling operators.

    Despite bans in place, the Australian market for gambling is highly attractive. Experts estimate that between 2013 and 2019, the illegal mobile and internet gambling market in Australia increased by fourfold to reach a value of 1.4 million dollars. However, in 2020, the legal turnover for local operators exceeded $6 billion.

    ❓ How do you attract players from Australia into your betting and casino sites?

    Australians are known to be the world’s most prolific gamblers. The country’s economy is one of its most successful. The state boasts the sixth highest GDP per head in the world. In 2019, every resident spent $1,300 annually on various gambling activities. It’s the highest in the world! Another study shows that around 70% of Australians gamble every day, with another 10% having tried it at least once. This is quite a large population with 25 million inhabitants. These are the features that attracted Australian gamblers:

  • Age restrictions: Casino games that are real money, or for free, are not allowed to be played by anyone under the age of 18. You can play games with lootboxes under 18 (learn more in our Knowledge Base).
  • The tax liability for players with winnings is zero
  • An active player is typically 39 years old. They are usually men with an annual income in the vicinity of $100,000.
  • Bet on races of crabs or rabbits, camels, camels, or guinea-pigs for local entertainment. The Australian ornament is played in all bars and clubs on April 25th, which is considered a national holiday.
  • English is the most common language in Australia, however there is an Australian dialect.
  • Mobile traffic dominates. Google, Facebook and Instagram are very popular.
  • The most popular payment methods for gambling are in Australia:

    ✅ Visa and MasterCard Bank Cards
    ✅ Prepaid cards UPayCard, Neosurf offer anonymous payments
    ✅ The payment system POLi is only available in Australia or New Zealand. To make a deposit, the player simply needs to visit the bank’s site and then pay through his bank profile.
    ✅ BPay system, available only in Australia or New Zealand. You can transfer just a few dollars.
    ✅ The majority of gambling sites accept cryptocurrencies and allow you to withdraw them.

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