Types of online pokies online and their functions

According to experts, in order to start playing gambling for money is not enough to read the free versions of pokies online. It is necessary to have an erudition built on the knowledge of: the structure of game, types of pokies, as well as their features. These statements have a basis in fact, for example, some features can help you win. After reading this article you will become familiar with the types of pokie and many of the functions, knowledge of which can significantly increase your chances of success. At free spins no deposit bonus you will find a large number of pokie slot machine in both paid and free versions. But before you play them, we recommend to get acquainted with the types and functions of online pokies by reading this article to the end.

Types of online pokies:

Since the first free pokies online has not been a little water has flowed, during this time the number of types of online pokies has increased significantly, they come:

  • Classic pokies – they are always compared to the first pokies, that is, the one-armed bandit. They are characterized by simple rules, which are used in land-based casinos.
  • Fruity pokies – have symbols located on the 3 reels with the classic icons such as fruit, lucky sevens, bells, etc.
  • Video pokies – appeared as a result of technological advances. Their main difference is that video effects were added to game.
  • 3D pokies is the most interactive online gambling games, use the latest 3D graphics technology. As a rule, after each win, and with any operation 3D animations are presented.
  • Mobile pokies – have been adapted for mobile devices. Many functions are implemented in such a way that they can be used with a small screen size.

  • Functions used in online pokies:

  • Classic pokie – Classic pokies are a tribute to pokies online in their early days. Since many players are nostalgic for pokies online, where you just pull the lever and wait for the coveted combination, manufacturers of modern online pokies continue to produce similar games in online format. Of course, depending on game, the number of reels, paylines and other parameters may vary, but the overall theme, fruit symbols and the atmosphere of retro casinos remain. Most classic pokie have 3 reels, fewer paylines compared to video pokies, and simpler bonus rounds.

  • Fruit machines: As a separate type of classic pokies we can distinguish fruit machines. The term itself comes from the British “Fruit machine”, which refers to 3-reel machines with fruit symbols and very simple rules: you need to collect a winning combination on a single payline. This type of game is particularly suitable for beginners. Fruit pokie machines that are being released today can depart from the classics, such as BetSoft’s Fruit zen pokie.

  • Video pokies: Video pokies are currently the most popular type of game at online casinos: everyone can find a pokie with a theme that is close to them. Typically this type of pokie has 5 reels and up to several hundred paylines, and the graphics and sound effects make the game much more qualitative. In addition, often the heroes of video pokies are famous characters from movies, cartoons and even members of musical groups. For example, a pokie from NetEnt below is dedicated to the legendary group Guns N’ Roses, and during the game you can choose one of the five background music tracks. Another example is a Microgaming pokie based on the movie “Jurassic Park”. Here there are characters from the movie, the corresponding soundtrack is played, and as a distinctive feature – dinosaurs, which appear between the trees and open additional bonuses.

  • Mega spin pokies: This is a completely different level of play – here you can play 3 to 9 games at a time. When the player chooses the desired games and bet size, he presses the button and the fun begins. Up to 45 reels in all games start spinning at the same time, which means the chances of snapping a mega spin increase. Usually 3-reel pokies are used for mega spin games, but there are exceptions.

  • pokies online
    pokies online
  • Free games are games that do not require a deposit into your game account. But if you win in them, you will not be able to withdraw anything. The sites provide them for familiarization.
  • Wild – (wild) symbols – they can be compared to chameleons, replace any other symbol, that is, help complete any winning combination on the line.
  • Sticky Wilds – these are wild symbols that stay in their place for a certain number of spins and replace any symbol needed to complete a winning combination in the current line.
  • Stacked Wilds are random wild symbols that appear on the same reel.
  • Expanding Wilds – These are individual wild symbols that appear anywhere on the reel and extend their value to other lines.
  • Cascading Wilds are a bit like Tetris in the sense that several wild symbols one above the other disappear. The disappearing symbols are replaced by others, which can lead to winning combinations.
  • Random Wilds – usually appear in the game at random during bonus rounds, for one change the standard reels into wilds.
  • Scatter Symbols – if appearing in quantities of two (sometimes three) bring winnings, even being located chaotically along the lines.
  • Gamble Feature is a guessing game in which the user must choose between a set of cards – black and red – to get an extra chance to win.
  • Multipliers are symbols that multiply the winnings. They look like x2, x3, x5 and so on, and often stay active for several rounds, can be applied to maximum bets.
  • Bonus rounds are essentially free spins. In some pokies they are provided after each winning combination, in others after a combination of three Wild symbols.
  • Bonus Game – offers you an additional opportunity to profit if a certain combination appears on the reels.
  • Shifting Reels – appearing at a winning combination on the game line replaces the Wild symbol, i.e. creates a more winning line.
  • Click and Pick is a feature provided during free spins and bonus rounds. Is a guarantee of winning, the user only need to turn the picture to get it. It is worth noting that under different pictures hides a different winnings.
  • Jackpot is the largest amount of winnings that a player can earn on one machine (Static Jackpot) or in a network of machines (Progressive Jackpot). Progressive Jackpot – gives a chance to become a millionaire in an instant. Represents a share of all players’ losses from a machine or network of machines, which in total progressively make up the pot, payable in full at some point.
  • Extra – additional symbols, designed to help get winning combinations and distinguish one pokies online from another.
  • Auto Play (Auto mode) – allows the user to start game on the machine, no need to press the button every time you spin the reels.
  • Pokies online are the most important part of any online casino, because they account for the main interest of players. Not surprisingly, this area is developing, and sometimes it is even difficult to understand all the variety of pokies online. In this article, we will examine what varieties of pokies online there are and how they differ.


  • The standalone jackpot: It is a progressive jackpot, which applies to only one pokie. Accordingly, the amount is accumulated more slowly, but nevertheless, it is still a big win.
  • Own Jackpot: Another subtype of progressive jackpots, united by one casino. You can’t expect to win millions of dollars either, but you have a better chance of getting the jackpot.
  • Network jackpot: The jackpot prize pool is accumulated by pokie of several online casinos that use games from the same provider (NetEnt, Microgaming, BetSoft…). The probability of winning here is small, but the amount is huge.
  • Fixed jackpot: In this type of jackpots there is a certain, set by the casino, amount, which does not change. Accordingly, the number of players, the time spent playing or the size of the rounds does not affect the size of the winnings. The fixed jackpot is less popular than the progressive jackpot, but it is also in demand.

  • In addition to the types of games and availability of jackpots, pokie can be classified according to the number of reels, paylines, paylines, themes, video quality, etc. However, the most important thing is that your players like them. Updated in 2021.

    In 2021, all of the above types of pokies online remain popular. Fans of classic options play classic pokies, fans of innovation and technology try something new. Among the most popular trends in 2021 are the following:

  • 3D pokies
  • Freeplay
  • virtual reality pokie games
  • Proven fair pokies.

  • In recent years, 3D pokie have been gaining momentum because of the emotion and realistic experience they bring. New brands are emerging in the market and competing with each other for the title of best 3D pokies provider, such as Endorphina, Pragmatic Play and several others. One of the best remains BetSoft. This developer creates so-called cinematic pokies that allow players to fully immerse themselves in the game. Each game is not just a push of a button, but a unique story. First, the player watches the intro, from which the story becomes clear. Then the player begins to play, and game is like solving a puzzle. Numerous power-ups, animations, and music keep the level of engagement very high.

    Another popular trend this year is freeplay. This is quite expected, because the variety of games is now large. Players prefer to try a new game for free first. Those for whom the process itself is more important than winning can stop there, while those who like to play for money will continue playing in your casino already for real money, if you can offer them decent novelties. Finally, the third main trend is virtual reality.

    It should be said that this innovation is present not only in pokie, but also in online gambling in general. For example, Microgaming has developed virtual reality roulette and Kiron specializes in virtual reality sports betting. Pokies online are no exception, and you can find some casinos online, such as VR casino. Finally, in 2021, you can expect the popularity of provably fair pokies, where the game goes on cryptocurrencies, to grow. They work like regular online pokie games, but have one distinctive feature. For example, they have a built-in system that allows you to track each spin and its result. This makes sure that the casino does not try to influence the outcome of the spins in any way, and each round is fair.

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